No verified track record

Even if we choose to believe Bitcoin Era about it’s new product – which we certainly do not advise – there are still problems. To put it bluntly – we have no guarantee that the crypto robot will deliver on its promises. In trading there are social trading platforms such as the Zulutrade where you may search through the profiles of different traders and see how much they are winning or losing before investing funds with them. This is done through tracking every deal they have made and even seeing the results of all the rest of their followers. Such transparency adds significant assurance and partially, if not fully, removes risk. Where as with half-baked and senseless websites such as Bitcoin Era you are relying on blind faith.

How to create an account with Bitcoin Era App?

Please note that Bitcoin Era App is only available in the countries that have regulated broker. For you to create an account, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Register on-site.

Make sure that you are in the actual website when you register an account. Do not log to other links other than Bitcoin Era App to avoid scams. The registration process is very smooth easy. In just less than a minute, you can be finished. In this part, there is a need for your information. So make sure to enter the correct ones. The Bitcoin Era App will not collect your information about your profession, so make sure that you do not enter it. You have to enter your name, phone number, and email address.

Step 2. Fund your Account.

Funding your account is the crucial step because this is the part where you need to deposit your account. To fund your account, you can use various forms of payments. You can use Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Web Money, Maestro, and many more. There is a no additional charge.

Step 3. Finish, Start Trading

After the investors make a deposit, you are now provided with the details to access the web trade and to set up the account. It is the step when you can start your trade. Live trading with Bitcoin Era App can help you make money online in the rising and falling crypto market. This bot utilizes various strategies to earn in every trading opportunity.

What are the Features of Bitcoin Era App?

Based on our test, we found some key features that Bitcoin Era App can brag.

  • You can get a real profit. As with our experience, we earned real money. We made about $1300 to $2600 for trading in a week. We use the bot for about 30 minutes every day. So we only spent half an hour daily to make sure that we do not lose any money. We understand that bitcoin trading is very volatile, so we have to make a strategy to earn. The profit is so real, and we had so much fun trading.
  • Cryptocurrencies vary. Bitcoin has always been outstanding compared with other trading cryptos, but you still have a choice. You can choose from other cryptos such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and others.

How to use auto trading robots

Our simple guide to making money with auto trading robots is by following the step by step guide on the trading platform. The developers of these trading robots understand that it is still a new technology; however, you can only view these guides when you use a good auto trading platform. There are so many scam sites out there that promise huge earnings when you invest. Many of these sites are only out to collect your funds. This is why we test them and publish our reports.

Basically, using auto trading robots can be done with clicks, the site will feature different widgets to guide the user, and the system is fast. Good trading robots for cryptocurrency also feature customer support systems that work 24/7 to help everyone who encounters an issue.

Online Safety

We can confirm that the Bitcoin Era trading platform is SSL secured and that user information is encrypted. We only recommend trading robots with online protection because many of the users may be having their first experience with an automated trading system.

Conclusion: An outstanding software for beginners and professionals.

What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is an automated trading robot that works with a smart system. The trading robots work for the investor to find good deals in the cryptocurrency market that can make the investor very rich.

How does Bitcoin Era work?

The auto trading robot on Bitcoin Era works with a simple process. The trading robot finds the best deals in the market and secures these deals for the investor. The best deals done on behalf of the investor always end with a huge profit. The system takes a service charge, which is a percentage of the profit earned. The rest is credited to the users’ Bitcoin Era account. It is a transparent system and the pay-out can be easily calculated.

We are really impressed with Bitcoin Era. We advise everyone to try it; we have had a wonderful experience while using its features and the live trading system on this site is fast. Every live trading session with Bitcoin Era will end with a profit, because of the advanced AI-based software that enhances the trading robots.

  • Safe and user-friendly. No complicated documents are needed to accomplish. Just your full name and payment details. When you withdraw, there is a need for proof of identification. You have to submit an ID as for compliance against the prevalent anti-money laundering case.
  • The payout is easy, but it takes about 36 hours before the money arrives in your account.
  • Funding your account is very easy. No need for any verification system – just the details of your cards.
  • Safe and efficient. Automatic trading is very efficient. It will not require so much time from you. You can trade while you sit down and relax.

What is my Verdict?

Although there are some negative reviews online claiming that Bitcoin Era App is a scam, this bot ended up legit and accurate. It is the newest trading tool, and it has a high level of accuracy that utilizes an advanced technology. I am not saying that there is no risk in Bitcoin Era App because you know for sure that for any trading technology, there is still a risk. But Bitcoin Era App uses high-frequency trading to leverage your financial assets. So, I highly recommend this tool for you to try trading. It is never a scam in this review; it is proven legit!



General information

All kinds of cryptocurrency investment schemes keep popping up ever since Bitcoin hit the $20k threshold in December 2017. Some of them, mostly cryptocurrency exchanges, are pretty elaborate and have nicely designed websites and trading platforms. Most of them, however, are pretty simple and shady and you don’t need to be an expert to tell that it’s all a lie designed to scam you out of your money. That being said, we do believe that the Bitcoin Era belongs to the latter group, and we will explain why.

Advertised as an exclusive club reserved for new Bitcoin Millionaires, Bitcoin Era is actually only an anonymous website with a promotional video, fake user testimonials, and also fake “profit results”. The people behind the brand have not even bothered to create an original trailer advertising their trading software, and we are only presented with some general information on Bitcoin via a video made of cut-ups from interviews with famous people in the world of finance such as Richard Branson. We also see the logos of major media outlets such as CNN or Forbes which are there in order to further lend legitimacy to this crypto robot.

What Bitcoin Era offers is to make you the next millionaire. You only need to sign up and invest $250 in their software that performs all trades with 99.4%. Clients of the trading bot are said to profit a minimum of $1100 daily, working not more than 20 minutes a day. Some members allegedly earned their first million within just 61 days!

Apparently, Bitcoin Era targets naive investors who have no knowledge of, nor experience in the financial markets. Anyone having the slightest idea of online trading could see that Bitcoin Era makes unrealistic promises.