How Does Bitcoin Superstar Work?

So the idea is that you’re supposed to be able to sign up, make a small deposit with the “recommended broker” and then simply activate the system to have it begin generating an income for you entirely on autopilot.

From there you’re told that you can just sit back & relax as the system will begin earning you thousands per day…

It certainly sounds good, but unfortunately it’s all lies. The system won’t make you any money at all – in reality it’s all just a ploy to trick you into depositing some money with an unlicensed broker so that the creator can earn some commissions at your expense.

And that’s the one important thing that the creator of the Bitcoin Superstar system fails to tell you… He fails to you (whoever he is) that he’s affiliated with the broker he “recommends”, which means he gets paid a commission when you deposit.

Now here’s the important part – binary options brokers (which is what he recommends) only actually earn money when you LOSE money. If you win money then they themselves actually lose money because of the way they work.

So ask yourself this, why would a binary options broker pay commissions to the person behind a “guaranteed profitable system” if it meant that they would end up losing money? They wouldn’t, no way…

The real reason they’re paying the creator commissions is because they’re in on the scam too & they know that if you sign up via the Bitcoin Superstar system you’re going to lose money & you’re going to lose lots of it.

You see you might be expecting that after depositing you’ll just be left to find out the hard way that the whole thing doesn’t really work as promised but sadly that’s not the case. The scam is much more cunning than that.

Instead the system has actually been designed to make you think that you’re actually generating profits. Every trade will appear to be winning & it will look like you’re making money but the system isn’t actually connected to any real markets… It’s just like a video game.

The creator is simply faking your profits to try & trick you into depositing even more money so that he can once again earn more commissions at your expense. He’ll claim that if you deposit more you’ll earn even bigger profits…

You’ll only be left to find out the hard way that it’s all a scam when you finally push for a withdrawal and come to realize that the broker will make it next to impossible for you to actually get of your money back… Even your so-called “winnings”.

The reason for that is because like I mentioned above the broker is in on the whole thing too.

These binary options things (even without the BS systems) are just total bad news & should be avoided at all costs. Even Forbes themselves published an article on their website warning about the dangers:

Which brings me onto…

Tips to Maximize your Earnings with the Bitcoin SuperStar

Start Small

We recommend that you start by investing small amounts; $250 is OK. With care, you will be able to generate more money. Additionally, you shouldn’t pay much attention to site’s homepage that claims you’ll earn $12,000 every day. Though these are exceptions and unlikely that you’ll make all that amounts, you should be able to make a decent profit of above $2,700 every day.

Withdraw some of your Returns

We recommends that you should save anywhere from 25 percent to 75 percent of your profits. You should withdraw and keep them to your bank account. Certainly, the more cash you withdraw, the bigger your bankroll. Otherwise you’ll be putting your cash at risk by investing all you win.

Follow Advice from Experts

There are numerous approaches you can be able to set up your account. A lot of users post their ideal strategies on YouTube as well as discussion forums. Try the settings out until you master your own right strategy.

Keep Tax Records

You’ll need to keep a keen record of the amount you invest as well as the amount you earn as profit. You can employ an accountant in case you earn cash with this App.

Invest only What You Can Afford to Lose

While we didn’t lose any money in their experiments, it appears that a few other users already have. As mentioned earlier, you’ll only lose huge amounts of fund when you don’t know the system so well. So, never invest a lot of money that you can’t afford to lose.

Has Bitcoin SuperStar Been on TV?

There have always been rumors of Bitcoin SuperStar on TV on the internet. For that, we take a look at each one of them. This App has not appeared on any TV programs as claimed by various sources on the internet.

Bitcoin SuperStar not been endorsed by celebrities

As Bitcoin SuperStar is usually rumored to have been endorsed by celebrities on various platforms on the internet, we also take a look at the various rumors to determine if or not celebrities utilize the program. This App has been rumored to be endorsed by various celebrities who we can confirm that it’s not true.

The Verdict

Following a meticulous examination and testing we can confirm that the scam rumor isn’t true. Although this machine depends on artificial intelligence as well as machine learning, it still requires not only skills but also careful planning in order to enjoy the best. New users are advised to start with small amount at $250 and assured to make withdrawals as soon as they get returns. This platform is unquestionably not a scam!

What’s Bitcoin SuperStar?

The platform allegedly uses large data to examine crypto markets and make trading decisions.
InsideBitcoins analysis can confirm that these are all lies. Bitcoin SuperStar is only a scam platform targeted at stealing money from shareholders. You won’t ever have the ability to withdraw your money if you join with this platform. The only way to generate money using these services is by introducing others to the platform.

Our investigation also shows that this stage keeps changing domain names and address. It now operates under two titles namely Bitcoin SuperStar and BitClub Network. Perhaps this is in a bid to avoid the ever-growing unfavorable standing about their scam. There are a great deal of negative reviews about both platforms, with the majority of reviewers claiming to lose their cash within one hour of trading.

InsideBitcoins investigation didn’t find any evidence that they have the technology for this purpose. Legit trading robots always offer evidence about the logic behind their own robots.

The Verdict!

Bitcoin SuperStar is a scam, and you need to eliminate it. InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that this trading robot is nothing but a site template used by scammers to deceive investors into signing up. Even worse, they will not enable you to withdraw your money in case you chose to deposit it together.

Our analysis reveals that the information provided on their website is false. The testimonials supplied are also fake. Our research shows that the photos used on the website including that of the creator are downloaded from stock pictures sites.