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Blockchain Development Education
and Career Placement

According to Matt Sigelman,the CEO of job data analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies, the median income for blockchain developers in the U.S. is $25,000 per year higher than standard software developers salaries, whose annual median pay is $105,000.

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What Are the Benefits for an Engineer to Switch to Blockchain

Blockchain is mostly in uncharted waters. To be fair, it’s barely left the dock. And there are plenty of reasons for hesitation in moving from standing on the shore talking about the change to packing your bags and boarding a ship for the maiden voyage. The news headlines for cryptocurrencies seem to scream everything from volatile markets to hackers stealing coins casting skepticism on this new tech. With all the negative publicity, investing seems risky and changing careers to work in the field even more so. However, behind the hype and hysteria rests a viable technology being adapted by major companies. These companies are in need of computer engineers to help bring the benefits of blockchain into fruition. This leaves a field eager to inspire talented engineers to switch careers by providing many benefits for those who are ready to join the future in the blockchain.


Starting salaries for working in the cryptocommunity are higher than the industry average. There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of funding for ICOs currently. Most token sales reach their goal well before they finish. This puts many companies in the position to pay above average salaries for professionals skilled in programming languages, especially Java, who are ready apply their knowledge to blockchain development.

And there are other monetary incentives besides the high salary. Many startups offer a share in the company’s tokens or coins to developers as an added bonus. This incentivizes the highest possible outcome from the development team who benefit from product success translated directly into market cap growth. Rather than continuing to work a job for an established company that leaves employees with only a paycheck at the end of every two weeks, this allows for employees to buy into the company’s mission and feel like they are truly part of the team.

Playing with the Cool Toys

Blockchain is very new and most of the developments engineers endeavor to complete will be in completely uncharted territory. Not only does this apply to the code they work with, but to the infrastructure it benefits. It goes without saying that as major businesses begin to adapt blockchain technology, they continue to apply its innovations to the most current products they offer. This means engineers will have access to the most current creations available in addition to working with new aspects of the core technology. With companies like IBM beginning work on numerous blockchain projects, it’s not hard to envision a future where developers gain first-hand experience integrating this tech into some truly brilliant and life-altering technological marvels waiting around the corner.

Job Security

With many businesses increasingly adopting this tech and the high skillset needed to work with it, job security is nearly guaranteed. Several people have noted the potential of a developmental slowdown or that it will all together fall apart because of a failure to meet expectations. There is also pushback from pockets of society under the misguided belief that Bitcoin and blockchain are the same thing. They see the scams rising in the cryptocommunity as a sign that the whole thing will ultimately fail. More hysteria than fact, this is simply incorrect. Blockchain usability goes far beyond creating cryptocurrencies. And businesses like J.P. Morgan, VISA, BMW and other major companies have realized this and are seeking to adapt blockchain tech to benefit their corporations. With this mass adoption comes job security. For the foreseeable future, these businesses will need a continuous inflow of developers to continue working to keep in step with the competition as blockchain inevitably becomes increasingly integrated.


New ICOs pop up constantly and once funded, these companies need people to begin work on development. Coupled with the severe shortage of talent in the industry, this gives engineers more freedom to choose the project that best interests them. It isn’t about grabbing the first available job. Instead, developers can find a high paying position in a field they’re passionate about. Selecting a job becomes about finding a mission with the right salary to motivate constant innovation and a feeling of satisfaction in the work rather than simply settling on the first available position.

Help Keep Information Decentralized

Without sounding too much like someone who owns a bunker full of canned goods and is in the market for a 10-foot-high, chain-link fence to fend off the government, there is something to be said about making sure that information stays decentralized. With Facebook and other social medias selling users’ information to companies without direct consent, it’s a viable reality that if information continues to flow towards a select few as Lawrence Lundy-Bryan points out in his article, a handful of organizations will hold monopolies on personal data. For those interested in putting the control of that information back in the hands of those it belongs to, then they will wan to develop blockchain to ensure that becomes a reality.

Freedom in Freelancing

UpWork listed cryptocurrencies as one of the top growing skills. Some freelancers are able to charge up to $200 an hour for their skills. This is great for professionals who want the freedom provided from working remotely and the salary benefits of working in this field. Outside of UpWork, many companies allow their employees to work at home as well, leaving them the ability to work outside the stagnate office setting.

Become Part of a Movement.

While more ideological than practical, joining the community puts you at the front of a major technological renaissance. The time is now. The internet as we know it is changing and like visionaries of previous eras, the famous painters of the renaissance, the captains of industry during the early 20th century, and the technological innovators at the end of the it, people have the opportunity to develop lasting change in the fabric of humanity itself. The next legend will arrive soon, and his or her influence will be felt through the blockchain and ultimately society for generations to come.

Our mission is to find the best and brightest engineers in other fields, train them on the newest technologies, and help place them into the crypto-ecosystem.  

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