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Our first class will begin in May in Austin, TX.
Broadly, the course will be split into two phases: (1) a learning phase and (2) a deep-dive projects and portfolio building phase.
For more details, please see our curriculum.
Hatch is full-time for 3 months.


At the moment, we are offering a full time, immersive course where students will need to make this their sole focus to succeed.
We may offer a part-time course in the future.

We don’t charge tuition for our course. So it’s free to attend as a student.

  • You’re an experienced professional software engineer (of any kind, not just web development), who wants to make a career transition to blockchain engineering.
  • You’re interested in learning as immersively and as efficiently as possible, with access to the best tools, guidance and curriculum.
  • You want the ability to learn and create a portfolio in a professional setting, with a curriculum developed by top academics and technologists in the industry.
  • You care about crypto security, best practices and scaling.
  • You want to master the skills in demand at top crypto companies.
  • On completing the course, we help you to leverage your technical knowledge and portfolio to find your dream job with one of our partner companies.
  • Hatch Incubator a professional setting, with a curriculum developed by top academics and technologists in the industry, for experienced engineers to learn deeply the core crypto technologies and build a portfolio.

We accept a placement fee from our partner companies when our graduates are placed with our those companies.

This is not a learn-to-code bootcamp. We dive right in, assuming you have the autonomy to pick up where the curriculum starts.
if you don’t have several years of professional experience as a software engineer, Hatch Incubator is not for you.
Our first course will be held in-person in Austin, TX.
Future classes may be held remotely, but will always feature live instruction and a helpdesk, one-on-one time with teaching staff and collaboration with your peers.