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Hatch Team

Luis Zambrano
Luis ZambranoHead of Admissions
Luis Is the Former CEO of Healthcare at The GoodLooking Company. Specializing in Recruitment, Operations, and Sales, Luis has been involved in multiple entrepreneurial ventures. He double majored at the University of South Florida and holds a BA in International Relations and International Business. His passions include nurturing and developing the careers of the HATCH alumni community and ordering cakes made of meat for his dog.
Coogan Brennan
Coogan BrennanHead of Curriculum
Coogan Brennan has been involved the blockchain space since 2011. Most recently, he worked with the Ethereum Foundation on the Swarm package for file sharing in the go-ethereum repository. His preferred language is Python :snake: and he couldn’t be more excited about Pull Requests….or the GIFs we make of him dancing to energize our virtual-classrooms…
Hershy Ash
Hershy AshHead of Business Development
Hershy is an entrepreneurial operations specialist with a passion for emerging technologies. He is the founder/CEO of DPST micro deposits. He has over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship in promotions, restaurants, and operations. He is the one with the Australian accent and enjoys explaining to Americans how words are meant to be pronounced.
Frank Fernandez
Frank FernandezAdvisor
Frank is founder and managing director of Gateway Private Capital and currently manages the firm and heads its Investment Committee. Before Gateway, he served as Senior Portfolio Manager of Alternative Investments at the $100+ billion Florida State Board of Administration. He received an MBA in finance and BS in engineering from Tulane University.
Shari Joseph
Shari JosephHead of Finance
Shari has over 25 years of high-technology business, operations, and financial management experience, including CFO roles at Draker, Current Solutions, and Zilker Labs, Inc. (now Intersil). She has actively managed numerous rounds of venture capital financing, M&A transactions, and related due diligence processes. She has a BA in accounting from University of Texas.
Daniel Arulraj
Daniel ArulrajStrategy
Daniel is a hardware and software engineer and works as a senior design engineer at ARM. He’s an active crypto enthusiast and analyst, and holds a BS/MS degree electrical and computer engineering from the University of Texas.

Our Advisers

Michael Hathaway
Michael HathawayCEO of Information Xchange
CEO of Windmill
Maury McCoy
Maury McCoyPresident, McCoy Associates