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To regain access of its computer system Travelex had to pay Bitcoin worth $ 2.3 Million to Hackers as reported by Wall Street Journal on the new year eve

The firm said it chose to give the 285 BTC as suggest by experts, and had retained partners and regulators in the loop during the recovery procedure.

It had revealed a Bitcoin ransom was paid to revive its own systems Even though did affirm the attack as it occurred.

Travelex formerly blamed the assault on malware called Sodinokibi, a’Ransomware-as-a-Service’ tool-kit which has lately started publishing information stolen from businesses which don’t cover up.

Travelex’ workings were crippled for nearly all program, using its sites, and networks offline. It also disrupted cash deliveries to banks such as Lloyds and Barclays, in the united kingdom.

Travelex did not disclosed the ransome amount but it conformed that its system was attacked by the hackers.

At the moment, BBC maintained that Travelex’ attackers had required $6 million value of Bitcoin to unlock its own systems.

Investigations to the attackers’ identity continue, spearheaded by the metropolitan authorities of London.

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